Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Ladybird Carpet Care Info: SPILLS AND STAINS


Act quickly. Deal with the stain as soon as it happens.

Follow manufacturer's instructions carefully.
Keep labels from upholstery and carpet for future reference.
First try to classify the stain. There are basically tree types - greasy, non-greasy or combination.
If you are not sure how to treat a stain, call in a professional, a technician trained at the  Australian Carpet cleaning Institute http://www.theacci.com.au/ .

What you decide to do about the spill depends on, your experience, your knowledge, what you have in hand to treat it with, the extent of the stain.
Above all what you do depends on the value of the article.
Even the intrepid should hesitate before tackling upholstery and carpets.
The behaviour of fabrics in these circumstances is quite different from other materials. The carpets also have the backing material and may have protection treatments.

These may all cause problems to the untrained. Call Lorna, http://www.ladybirdcarpetcare.com.au/


The secret of removing most stains is to act quickly, usually removing the offending deposit first.

Read the label on the bottles and jars. Note what ingredients are in them. Follow instructions to the letter. Observe all warnings and precautions.
Many cleaning agents are toxic and poisonous. Some are explosive. Label all bottles and jars clearly. Don't pour any solvent into another container, particularly not into a soft-drink bottle.
Keep all cleaners out of reach of children. Do not use a hair dryer or heat lamp with flammable fabrics or agents. Do not smoke while you are working. If possible, work near an open window or outside. Do not work near a flame.